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Once our expert designers have created your new prosthetic, you will work with our experienced professionals in ensuring it fits perfectly so that you are as comfortable as possible with your new prosthetic.


This is a crucial step in the prosthetic design process, and one during which you will work side by side with our experts to ensure the best fit possible.

You can depend on our specialized fitting and customization services from the very beginning. Work with our specialists to create a perfect design for your new prosthetic.

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Get a custom fit backed by over 30 years of experience

Once you have worked with our professionals to ensure you received the best fit possible in a comfortable prosthetic design, the fun can begin!


Work with our professionals to customize your prosthetic and make it one that you can truly call your own!

Customize your new prosthetic!

We strive to keep our services as affordable and manageable as possible for anyone who needs them. All insurance plans are accepted including workman's compensation, VA Care, and Tri Care. Additionally, there is absolutely no office or physician's fees.

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